Guilded4J: Custom Bots Made Easy

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Are you looking for a reliable and easy-to-use solution for creating Guilded bots in Java? Look no further than Guilded4J! As the oldest and most robust Java library in the field, Guilded4J was created during the internal testing phase of the Guilded bot API and has been refined over time to uphold the KISS principle - keeping things simple and stupid, without unnecessary bloat or difficult-to-understand features. Whether you're a seasoned Java developer or just starting out, Guilded4J makes it [...] 阅读全文

通俗Java教程:让对编程完全0基础的人学会做一个“Hello world”程序

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这篇教程的主要目的是测试HTMLy的功能。 这篇教程旨在教会一个对编程完全0基础的人怎么用java做一个显示Hello world的程序,并且让他理解这个程序工作的原理。其实“完全0基础”这个表述有点不准确,因为它有一个小前提,那就是编程的人首先得知道操作系统的基本用法,比如第一步——创建文件。 创建文件 写java程序之前首先要理解java里的一些关键术语。 [...] 阅读全文